Vancouver Island is a beautiful place to live as well as an exciting place to dive. We are blessed with deep walls, abundant marine life and rugged terrain which, combined with unpredictable weather has left many shipwrecks around the coast. There are also a number of Artificial Reefs intentionally sunk for the purpose of attracting marine life and of course divers. This offers us ideal conditions for diving especially that discipline known as technical diving.  

Over the years scuba divers have applied modern technical and educational  advances to the sport of scuba diving to allow us to go beyond what  was previously considered safe limits. These extended limits include deep decompression diving using mixed gasses, overhead wreck diving and cave diving. 

Dave Tomblin is very passionate about technical diving. Offering over 12 years of experience in wreck, deep mixed gas, and rebreathers Dave dives what he teaches. Recently began exploring cave systems on Vancouver Island he is very optimistic about some undiscovered cave sites he has been looking at.